Amazon’s base Fire TV Stick now comes with its new Alexa remote

You don’t have to sacrifice all the bells and whistles to get Amazon’s entry-level Fire TV hardware. The internet giant is releasing an updated edition of the basic Fire TV Stick (that is, the 1080p version) with the new Alexa Voice Remote it unveiled alongside the Fire TV Stick 4K. That may not sound like much, but it means getting Bluetooth support, multidirectional infrared and dedicated power and volume controls (that steer devices beyond the Stick and the TV, we’d add) for the same $40 as before.

The starter Fire TV Stick also has a unique distinction: it’s the first Amazon media hub to ship with IMDb’s no-charge Freedive movie service pre-loaded. Given the cost of the device itself, it’s a natural fit.

The company also wants to sweeten the pot for existing owners looking to upgrade. It’s cutting the price of the stand-alone Alexa Voice Remote in half (to $15) “while supplies last.” You probably won’t be in a rush to get a new remote if yours is working well, especially since it only supports relatively recent Fire TV devices like newer Sticks, the Fire TV Cube and the pendant Fire TV. Think of it more as a lure for people who either insist on the new features or are certain they’ll lose the bundled remote before long.

Source: Engadget

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