Why I hate my iPhone?

Ever since I purchased my first Macbook Pro about 6 years ago I have been a stalwart Apple supporter. I have always loved Apple products. That is why it is somewhat hard for me to write this blog post.

I have purchased every single iPhone that has come out. Every one of my spoiled children has an iPhone (usually my old ones). So what is the problem you ask?

Jailbreaking! I love the iPhone, but only if it can be jailbroken. The latest iPhone does not have a publicly available jailbreak at this time. Jailbreaking allows me to use the phone in the manner that is best for me. I realize that most iPhone users like the phone the way it is, but I can’t stand to use the phone anymore because of all the little things that drive me crazy.

Here is a list of several of the little things that are important to me that most other users wouldn’t care about.

1 – Sbsettings to change the brightness, turn on/off wifi, etc with a single swipe.
2 – Calendar on the lock screen. Come on Apple? Is this buy valtrex 500really a weird request?
3 – Triple press the start button from the lock screen to go directly to my flashlight app.
4 – Tethering the right way!
5 – Constantly vibrate inbound text messages every minute until I acknowledge them (I don’t have great hearing).
6 – Change the default browser to Chrome
7 – News, twitter, Facebook updates from the lock screen
8 – SSH Access – Yes I run perl scripts on my iPhone sometimes for fun :)

There are many more, but those are some of the main ones. These seem like little things, but they are big enough to get me to switch phones. I think Apple is making a HUGE mistake if they underestimate the importance of customization through jailbreaking. I know Apple wants total control. I realize they have an obligation to their carriers to keep the phone locked down, but I personally don’t care about carriers or Apple’s lockdown policies. I simply want a phone that works for me. And right now that isn’t the iPhone.

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